Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time flies and things are progressing

Two weeks of Jinja Christian School operation and the numbers have now climbed to 65. Not bad for
Assembly Week 2
only three classes. Students (though primary should be called pupils here) are learning, teachers are learning and teaching and Ron and I are working to make it happen as smoothly as possible. A rat and a snake have been killed. We have survived outages of both power and water. So thankful for the tank when there was literally no water for 36 hours, it kept the toilets clean and main needs met.

P1 classroom
Ron has worked hard and completed the kitchen roof in addition to the toilet. He has also made shelves for storage in a number of places, installed security solar lights and even planted some garden beds. On the other hand I have mainly been seeing naughty children, continuing enrolling pupils, giving advice to teachers and making teaching resources. We now even have a photocopier that works most of the time,
P2 classroom - few less in here! The floor got a lot worse than this!
sometimes it for an unknown reason will manage to change the direction of the page, mid stream!

We have had little time for much more than the school but did host some visitors briefly during the week. They unfortunately timed their visit for when the rain came (which obviously implies mud) and there was no water! However, they managed and hopefully gained a bit of an insight into the different projects in the area.

What the toilet looked like a week ago

The toilet and kitchen now!
Close up of the building with the gardens

The classrooms from a little distance

The snake minus its head

The rat on the bedroom floor
And still another view of the classroom and offices are the left end part

Ron building shelves for the resource room

I am not going to write much as it is late and without power my computer does not go so well. Consequently I am perched with it near the solar power point! We are incredibly thankful for the way things are going. Aware that God is looking after us and that this is His work.  

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  1. What a beautiful school for the children. You guys are doing such a great job and those car bags are cute! Blessings abundant to you all and I am glad that snake has no head Argh!