Sunday, March 3, 2013

Moving along...too busy but happy

A few of the children enjoying their lunch under the tree
Two weeks since I wrote but not a minute to spare, well not many anyway. I will try to be brief as it is now getting late in the evening, the mosquitoes are biting, desperately need of a shower (the dust is horrific) and sleep is calling. Despite the best efforts for a rest we are not managing it so well. Today we had definitely planned to be quiet - well suffice to say after five hours of church (Ron preached both services), a brief lunch in town, we had three different groups of visitors and a trip to Hope Community before tea and devotions at the village.

Just a few (???) avocados on one of our many avocado trees
Our house with new paint - pity about mess on the verandah!
It is so good though to be doing what we are called to. There is variety in each day, opportunities that we cannot predict and movement towards what we believe God has called this place to be. We see God moving in the lives of people we are around but also the funny little things that happen. Like, going to a cafe and 'happening' to have my ipad (truth was we had no internet and I thought I might get a chance to catch emails) which I normally never take into town. At the counter there was another Aussie who works with United Nations and he wanted to pay in US $, the waiter (who I know a little) said at a particular rate. However, I had checked the day before and seen a big change (for its good) in the Ugandan shilling.

The good old Currency converter to the fore and the cafe was not undersold. Not that the guy wanted to, but had no idea of the exchange rate. Result, thankful to be in the right place, at the right time to look after in a small way Ugandan friends.

Or, the family who we have been able to give a sponsorship to their son. They also have a son who is very disabled and unable to walk, talk and thumps his head a lot. You know that this is making a difference to them, having someone who can help a little. Acting as God's hands. They appreciate so much and yet it is so hard. The father gains as much work as he can find. The mother has to care for the child and the other children! Have they made bad choices - no! Yet, by giving them something they want God to bless us. We are so thankful for the blessings of God, but so much want the people to know it is not us - we are only obedient to the call. 

Another group under a different tree with the P1 teacher
The school environment is moving along. There are beautiful benches around three of the bigger trees and are thoroughly enjoyed during the hot sunny days that we are experiencing at the moment. The pupil population has remained at 66, which is good. A wonderful time each day is when the bus arrives, the children run to be the first to greet me. I then shake each hand and say good morning. It truly is great fun and also very important in so many ways, not least teaching the children to greet in English.  I have had opportunities to teach different classes and that has been interesting and good too. It certainly
Removing stumps - hard work by a man who comes to help in exchange for sponsored children
helps in seeing that the ideas will work (even if they don't understand me!) and that things can change. Just tonight I was reminded of the need for change. A girl from the Village of Hope who is not at our school, was showing me her work. She is trying so, so hard but cannot read and has trouble with English. Yet, when there was a pattern to follow she would get the correct answer but obviously had not idea as she had bananas playing football!! So much to do.

The process of registration is moving along. We have overcome attempts for bribes and are well on the
A new inground water tank with Alex. Ron has guttered the kitchen ready for this 
way to having the required documents. A trip is planned first thing tomorrow to pick up some letters and then to go to the Ministry.

Hoping for a great day next Saturday (in case I don't post again until after that) for the official opening of the school. Only 50 kg of rice needed! Again, an opportunity to share God's love with the people of the community and to explain more about being a Christian school. The LCIII (who I think is called the Mayor) is very keen to come. Children are excited and items are being prepared.
The official entry - it now has pillars on either side, name coming
Sorry for the bits and pieces but wanted to make sure an update happened.


  1. Anne, It's heart-warming to see the progression and share in the little moments that impact the people you touch over there. The great need makes me ache and I can't help the tears, but am so thankful for people like yourself who do what they can to help empower others. If only everyone realised the difference of one. The world would look very different.

  2. Once again Anne, thanks so much for sharing this journey with us. God continues to amaze. May He continue to bless. Praying the registration goes well.