Sunday, February 3, 2013

About time for lots of photos

Winnie and Jane happy to help out, great girls and do a fantastic job.
All hands on deck with muscles tensed - they did move it a long way
 Sorry about the order of photos and the mixture, just wanted to get some up and without lots of text it made placing them difficult. Hopefully the captions will help. With more time I might even fix this post up!

Our guard, wanting a 'good' photo, works as a labourer by day and guards at night!

Toilet block with water and roof

School building from bottom as of 3rd February

A new student showing off her new uniform
Exciting event this week - electricity and this is how it is done.

Australia Day celebrations in Kampala

Teachers - Aidha and Moses

Ron on the roof of the toilet block building it. No OH&S!

Finishing off the verandah - only a few days to go!

Temporary kitchen! Elizabeth helping out when Lucy was away

Ronnie, lead builder, with a window frame ready for putting in.

Nicholas coming to help get it looking good


  1. Looking great guys!!! Can't wait to see photos of children running around too! :) Hope everything is going well! Missing you!