Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So much to say

The school buildings as of 15th January
A week full of emotion, work, fun, sadness, uncertainty, travel, heat and sweat. That probably sums it up, each day is filled with trying to get things finished for the school to start, dealing with issues related to people and their problems and seeking wisdom and understanding to confront each issue with. The school buildings continue to grow and get more of a finished appearance, and  hopefully each day we are getting closer to being ready.

Had the chance to talk to a radio program producer, and presenter. I think I was meant to be impressed, pity I am not into celebrities much and definitely not of the type that I don't even know but there you go. Should have taken my photo with him to show all! He does want to be Facebook friends he said so maybe... In fact that was about advertising the school on the radio which is now happening. He actually does shows about family and relationship issues so he is not a bad person to know.

Hopebuilders team - named the "Strong Team" - at their farewell

Mark, our son, has been here and left Saturday, he was great fun to have around and we loved it. He was
Mark with us in front of the offices just before leaving
with a Hopebuilders team building at the village. Now he knows all the children and some of them by name. I think he is going to miss them and we are going to miss him. Thanks to his help Ron was ale to get spouting on part of the school roof, we plan to harvest as much rain as possible and this will be the only supply for the toilet block. Together they were also able to work with the team on getting the roof trusses made for House 8 at the village. This is always exciting as finishing houses means children can come into them,which means children are literally rescued from really bad circumstances. The reason that had been delayed and was possible was that the long awaited container was released and opened up. This also has given us a classroom full of chairs from Romsey
Primary School, thanks so much Jo. They will be the chairs for one classroom, planning this week to get chair bags made for all the classes!

The container at last - being moved into position
We have moved into one office and will be moving into the rest of the offices early this week, with glass going into the windows probably this week too. Two classrooms are nearly finished with windows and furniture and blackboard. We need to be able to take pictures in order to get the school registered. Electricity should come early this week with the hole for the post being dug yesterday and promises of them being back Monday or Tuesday. Then just connecting to the box will be needed. The toilet block is ready to be roofed and the kitchen foundation has been dug, presumably it will be laid Monday. There has been some work done removing some stumps too so that means that the grounds are beginning to take shape, a little
Florence in her new office
more work needed but it shouldn't be too hard. It is very hot but also very wet here so that makes growing quick and easy.

Each day has seen many people come to the school. Unfortunately most have been looking for employment but we are confident that soon enrolments will take off. It is just a matter of the right people getting to know about it and if we start with a few that won't be a problem. At this stage we can say we will start with at least 30 I think.
Toilet block with fancy airholes - roof coming soon
The school uniform is looking great with badges now attached, I will have pictures for the next blogpost. Unfortunately the jumpers and socks will be a Few weeks more before they are ready. The sports tshirts have printing on the back and front and look great too. Amazing how easy some things are to get done.

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  1. Thanks again Anne and Ron for all you are doing there. It was a privaledge to be with you again and see the work God is doing through you. It was great to have Mark as part of the team and heve him see your work first hand. As always thanks for your wisdom love and hospitality - looking forwardd to seeing the school year begin at Jinja Christian School. Praying for you!!