Monday, January 7, 2013

Schools coming along and the odd thing or two

Teacher Moses
This week has seen a lot of progress with the school. The classrooms are nearly ready for classes with two of them having the floors finished off. Beautiful smooth concrete floors. The offices have been painted today and so we will move desks in tomorrow morning for the registration of students. The toilet block is moving well with the ring beam nearly ready and more done on the septic tank. Windows and doors are in the offices and glass will go in this week. Lots of work. It is great to see the building going up. The builders are truly proud of their work and the school that is being built. They are also able to have employment that is paid. This is so significant. As we use local people to do local work we are making a difference in the lives not only of the children for the school but in thrives of many in the community. If only we could employ more!

On the front verandah speaking to job applicant, Florence in background

On the student and teacher side it has been an interesting week. We have had the two teachers in who we had already agreed upon. They are both young, enthusiastic and lovely people. We are hoping that they will prove to be great teachers for the school. This week has seen a bit of training for them with time spent talking about the philosophy of the school in depth,doing teaching exercises, talking about different methodologies and generally getting the team to be a team. The two teachers are Moses and Aidha as shown here. The new bursar is Florence who you will have seen on the blog if you have been following but can be seen in the background of one of the pictures. She is lovely and professional in her approach and we hope will be a real asset.

Teacher Aidha
At the moment we are still praying for the right third teacher, so please join with us in this. It seems important to have an experienced teacher who is confident and will exude this for parents and others to see.

We were not inundated with enrolments which might see a disappointment since we had a registration date but we are not feeling that way. Instead, we are confident that this week will see many new enrolments and are not concerned in this front. It is God's school and He will fill it appropriately. Interest has already come from further afield than we had expected with a couple of ladies definitely looking at enrolling their children from Jinja town which is about 20 minutes away when you drive straight in a car! Hopefully we will also be able to meet much closer needs.

Lots of things fill each day and so many of them one wants to share and then because I don't write straight away time goes on and they are forgotten. It was fun to pick up receipt books, completed in a little over a day,with school logo etc and numbered,costing the grand sum of $2 a book of 100! Anyone need anything done for me to bring back? It would of course be supporting local people! The uniforms are looking good, though the badge for them has not been done yet, I did not get on to it as soon as I might have unfortunately but Monday they will be ready. Again, amazing to see a screen print done so quickly.

First enrolment in sports uniform
Then, of course there are the things of life here in Uganda. Sometimes I think about it and many times I simply cannot think too much about the realities. We had this afternoon at the village a lovely little service of remembrance for Bert who died and was on Ron and Mark's first team. Thinking about the building of the village, and visiting House of Peace Nakaseeta yesterday remind you of the vulnerability of children, that without these places where would they be, or would they be? This too was brought home with a visit from a guy who though a business university graduate was helping build Suubi House while looking for work in 2011. He became a friend and was impacted significantly by us, though we are unsure why except for the grace of God. He lives and works in Kampala and came over the weekend. His mother is sick in hospital, he has not been paid for November and December though working both those months, so he came to seek assistance from people including his step sister. Unfortunately these attempts had failed and his mother is getting sicker and no further treatment happens without payment! He came so humbly to us and asked for assistance, saying he would leave his academic transcripts as security, probably the most valuable thing he has! Desperation and despair were the things that stood out, he knew we could probably help him but he didn't want to have to ask. Of course it was possible to help with a bill that was about $100. The impact on me was extreme, of course I prayed with him, knowing God can heal and believing in that for his mother. Being able to pay/loan money that would make such a difference and for him to feel so so so grateful to me,for something really in terms of his gratitude so small.

Employment is a big issue in my mind at the moment. With the school starting many are coming to seek employment, they offer to do anything, they simply want work. You want to find employment for everyone but that of course is not possible. On a bright note it is lovely to think that by having our washing done and our house cleaned we are able to pay the lady enough to pay her rent for the month! That makes a difference.

We have been really overwhelmed by the way our local friends are wanting this school to be a success. The way to advertise is to put up posters (A4 sheet stating info about the school) around. Two builders came most concerned and have taken the to put up. They are also taking application forms to people they know. One lady has spent nearly two days moving around telling people about the school and making sure they had application forms if they needed them! It is such a feeling of team, we feel indebted to them but can see how this is something that they can do as part of the process. We are so thankful, our hearts are very full. We are so blessed to be here, to be able to help, to be loved by so many and to be able to share in peoples' lives in such meaningful ways. We look forward to more of what God has for us.

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  1. And we are so blessed in turn by your sharing. God does work in so many amazing ways. May He continue to bless your effort in Uganda.