Thursday, September 20, 2012

Progress and process.

Only a few days here and already we feel like we are back in the groove. It is such a privilege to be part of the lives of people here. Our welcome back has been fantastic even to the boda driver calling out "Welcome back" as he drove past. I think he only knew me from the road! We managed to hold our own and did not fall over when greeted by children on mass. Our ears have suffered much screaming and squealing with joy. It is so lovely to see so many. By and large people are well, and managing. Fortunately, being called fat is a good thing because I have lost count the number of times I have been told that, aiming for the same number in reverse on my return to Australia (good luck with that)!
It has been lovely to fit back in. I loved a quick trip to the market and down the street. There is no fear, it is just adjusting back, like putting on a comfortable jumper. Walking familiar roads and being greeted is so nice. Much of the accolades are of course unwarranted but the knowledge of true friendship is treasured.
It is interesting to see the growth in me, I almost wonder whether I became more African in some of my ways while away. I recognize the ability to move to the beat of a different drum, and to thrive rather than be worried. Love the spontaneousness of receiving a phone call and then Ron heading off to Kampala when really we were going on Wednesday, well that was the plan.

Looking at the school from the drive with new house in background
Kitchen and lounge in new house - benches needed!

Lounge room with bedrooms and bathroom on the left doorways

Such pleasant surprises for us too, the school building is progressing so well. Our house as part of the school is just needing the finishing to be done, like benches and sinks etc, a little plastering and then painting. The four classrooms in the first block including the staffroom and office are well underway. The walls are nearly up to window level with a great concrete floor already in. The verandah goes all the way along outside the classrooms and also looks great. Despite the wet season they have managed to do so well.
We are so looking forward to our new house, not that Suubi House isn't fantastic. For me I feel a bit like this is it! The encouragement we have had from people both here and in Australia continues to confirm the call of God on us and for this school. Maybe it is this that makes it feel so so special. I cannot express the sensation, it is not that everything has been done perfectly (no significant problems though) but rather this is how it is meant to be.  There is a beautiful view from the school to Lake Victoira and with the fence defining the boundaries it is easy to see where it all goes and fits.
We have sat together with our friends here to discuss what we need to do and are eagerly seeing God provide for us in so many ways. Today Ron was able to buy a twin cab ute (pick up as I am trying to remember to call it) and it seems to be a great deal. We have yet to employ teachers but I suppose we have only had a couple of days here. I think we have agreed on the name Jinja Christian School and training centre, we are close to being sure of the motto, Building Strong Foundations, next is the anthem! Thanks to a very talented daughter in law, Rebecca, we nearly have a logo, next is the uniform. I think I call this progress and we are so thankful that we are at the moment enjoying the process. Many thanks to those praying for us, we do not take those prayers for granted, we know we need them more than anything else.
Front of the new school classrooms


  1. Its so exciting to see the great work God is doing through you guys over there.
    Thanks for the update and keep them coming.

  2. WOW! God is so good! How awesome to see how much has been done and to see the dream becoming reality. Great to hear that you are both doing well - looking forward to seeing Jinja Christian School and Training Centre open it's doors... Praise God!

  3. I can only echo the other comments. God has amazed once again. Looking forward to seeing the school in action.God bless.