Friday, September 28, 2012

And still more...

It seems like yesterday I wrote but since it was about the weekend I know it was a number of days ago. Well, things are progressing. Hopefully for those of you that are interested I will be able to fill you in a little.

Our house is moving along very well. The bathroom is beginning to look like a bathroom with the tiler nearly finishing today. Then, there are windows and doors in, though there is not glass yet, but hey some houses never get glass! It is still secure. (Just in case you are reading this mum, yes we will get glass) the pillars out the front are beautifully decorated and most importantly the septic tank has been made. By the way, you would not believe the number of bricks that go into one of those!
New logo for the school.

With all the progress on the house there has been a little less movement on the school building but it is still growing and next week with all the workers working there I imagine it too will amaze us.
The school stuff! Well,the uniform is looking good, hopefully I will be able to put some photos in to show the samples modeled by the children at the village. I love the way things work out, you talk to one person and they give you leads to the next. We have found a good place to get the jumper and socks made as well. So if you are so inclined, imagine the addition of a bottle green jumper to the outfit with the wonderful logo embroidered on.
We have not been inundated with applicants for the teacher roles but are following up what might be a very good option but the people are some distance away. So, please pray. From what we have heard they seem ideal and it would be good for them as the only reason they live elsewhere is for work. There are some other options and we are hoping and praying for some more. The bursar position is looking good with referee being followed up.
The registration for the school is moving along. There has been some positive feedback from important people and we need to get some signatures for the next stage. We will endeavour to get a sign made next week for the school. The all important application form is looking good,which will set some peoples' minds at rest. Registration does not need to happen until we return but people need the application form and school requirement form. Both of which are now ready for checking by better eyes than ours. Next is an advertising brochure for churches.
We had a trip to Kampala on Thursday which was good. Of course, the actual drive is never great but it was as good as it gets with only one 'jam'. I was able to meet with the Director of Curriculum, which was really nice. Such an honor to be introduced as friend and colleague. A lot of work is being out into a totally revamped Ugandan curriculum. I was able to give him a set of textbooks with a teacher manual for one level as well. Donated by Pearson, thank you so much and graciously carried here by Natasha despite the added weight for their bags, thank you. He was totally delighted and took great pleasure in showing off his new library! The team lead from Ireland, working for Cambridge Education was also really pleased as they have had some difficulties getting some resources into the country. We were able to chat about many things and hopefully it was helpful. I was encouraged by him that systems struggle to be changed but nodes of change do make a significant difference and can bring about big change.The other purpose of our visit to the curriculum centre was to buy some curriculum documents for the school. Baale was able to come to the rescue as they are out of print, he gave me his own copies without question. We give out of our abundance, they give out of their limited resources. We do feel totally blessed.
Site plan for those interested, just a small part of the whole plan.
The week has been good. I love the way you never know what might happen each day. Oh, how neglectful of me. Ron had the massive job of drawing up the plans for the school and house using a simple drawing program. However, they turned out very impressively and seemed to satisfy the engineer. Nothing like that was needed for Suubi House where we are staying but it is necessary for the school. Hopefully I will be able to include the basic plan so you can see what is planned for.
Life continues to be unpredictable with power off and on some days. Fortunately, no long outages and generally water has been there (though we do have a tank to defer to). We enjoyed a fairly violent thunderstorm last night. We have plenty of visitors, including an unexpected job interview at 7.30 one morning! We appreciate the car, I have even driven it and enjoyed the experience. Heard today that even a boda driver commented how I had grown fat! However, I love the fact that it just means I Iook young!
Mobile Library - African style. Actually just moving books but couldn't stop them reading! Good sign for the future.


  1. The uniforms look great. Good choice.

    Glad to hear its all going well.

    1. Thanks Adam, always appreciate that you and your dad comment. I know people read but comments are good. We like the uniform and great that we have a local person able to make them too.