Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sitting in a cafe in Jinja

Some of the readers of the blog might be wondering why there has not been anything put on for a couple of weeks. How slack! Well, actually it might be slackness but not by us, there has been no power for more than two weeks!

We are sitting in a cafe in Jinja, charging up everything and making use of their free internet (though the power was more important).

It has been an action packed two weeks and we are a little tired but very happy. The reason for the action was that unexpectedly the probation officer appeared to have a personality change and was very amiable to our application for the children to come. Thank you God and thank you for those praying. So, final preparations were made and then on the Saturday (a week and a day ago) we went on a bus with new mothers to pick up children. An incredible experience that neither of us will ever forget, though we hope to be part of at least one more before we leave. We will write more about that and the new children very soon (if the power comes back on).

The 16 new children and the mothers are now settled in the village. New children with old hbbits bring new challenges but they are all so grateful to be there. We feel so fortunate to be there to greet them, help them settle in and to start new lives. The previous children who have been in the village for nearly 18 months have adjusted really well. New friendships have been formed, there have not been signs of jealousy of the new children getting all the new things. God has been very good. It is always so exciting to see the faith growing in the children.

I will not make this any longer as I wanted to post it for those of you who were unaware of the lack of power. Good old Facebook has been helpful in conveying information. We have another busy week approaching as we get procedures happening for the new houses, two public holidays with 32 children home due to council elections, and then a visit by Global development later in the week. Please continue to pray for us. Better post coming soon..... Watch this space

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  1. Hi Ron & Anne, It's great to hear how it's going. We are so happy to be able to welcome the new children into the village! We continue to pray for you as you work hard, and we're praying that the power will SOON be back on...