Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday time

Well, this will be a bit of a different post. Today is my birthday and so I want to talk about what my beautiful husband did for me. He picked me up from school, later because I had a meeting, and off to town we went. Ron wanted to buy me a dress (I think he might be sick of seeing the same thing day in day out!). We found a dress and a skirt and top, had a nice drink and did most of the necessary shopping. Then, it was off home, or so I thought. Suddenly we took a different turn. Oh, what is Ron up to, maybe to see the falls, that would be nice, but then again, we will be late home for dinner. Then, stopped by the army at a road block - still not sure what that was about but we didn't give him the cigarettes or the money for cigarettes that he was looking for. The other end of the blockage we had no trouble getting through! Along a reasonably rough road and to Bugagli Falls. Then, Ron took a turn to the resort - I said this won't get us through - he said it is the right way. Ron always knows best as far as direction is concerned, then he stops at Reception! I'm thinking - it is too soon for dinner, but the person greeted him, "oh you are Ronnie!" So, I was left wondering and suddenly Ron is signing in!
Needless to say, Ron had planned a night away for us. It was really lovely, on the hill overlooking the Nile River with the big falls within the distance and many other water falls. A better setting it would be hard to find, have a look....
The room was fantastic, the sort of thing that you see on Getaway or such programmes. It had a solid structure and then canvas and mosquito net partitions. The beds facing the water, sitting areas, a hammock (you can just see in the corner of the picture) and even hot water! When we arrived we were the only guests, so were given a room at the end where no one would go past! Even the shower had a view out on the water, at a discrete height of course!
So, settled in, time for a swim in the pool. A beautiful clean pool, something we do love. Dived in and looked up, and on top of the reception/restaurant building there were monkeys. At first a quite big one, then a couple of small ones that looked like they were sharing something. On closer scrutiny, we saw it was a little baby monkey. Then lots of the monkeys around came out and there was quite a display for us while we enjoyed the swimming pool. They collected berries from a tree and ran away with them. Interestingly, there were still berries there this morning, they only ate what they needed. Then a couple of them had a fight, looked like the real thing, but soon stopped. Beautiful monkeys, easy to tell whether they are male or female though as the males have aqua blue testicles!
The meal was wonderful, candle lit, with great food. I had pork ribs, seemed to be nearly half a pig! Ron had the mixed grill. We do not miss meat but do have it when we go out for meals. Again, of course overlooking the water, though by this stage it was dark.
It was lovely to sleep in a bed not completely surrounded by a mosquito net, though we did have protection because of a very large netting of the room. The mattress was similar to here but it was a change. We could even see the faint distance lights of Kampala in the distance behind some hills.
It was great to spend together without any chance of interruption or, the thought of things that needed to be done. Ron remembered to bring everything (except shampoo but that was very minor) and even had the equipment so that we could let everyone know through facebook about my birthday!
Here is a view from our bed, the feet are Ron's - just to give you a picture of the view! Then, there is also a picture of breakfast with Ron. It was a great surprise, a lovely break and fun. I do love my husband so much, and a great way to keep me from missing family and friends back at home. Now, to celebrate with the village. special chocolates and maybe another treat. We will not do much as we have already had one big celebration this week. Lots of friends and family have sent love and best wishes. You do miss home at these times, but the celebration is just different.
It does make us think though how we can celebrate childrens' birthdays. Some thoughts at the moment are that we could once a month have a celebration - there might be some imagination used to produce birthdates but it is so nice for every person to feel special, and these children certainly are.


  1. A lovely Blog about a wonderful birthday for a very special woman. It sounds as though you enjoyed every and I do mean every minute.