Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life is exciting

It doesn't seem to matter every day has at least one thing that means that I say "life is exciting", or "life is an adventure". Sometimes, that is what I say as cars are doing crazy things, or there are people everywhere, or I try cooking something that I have no idea what it is.

Today is no different, we have been into town and it is all an adventure in there. It is so busy with stalls everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Cars, buses, bicycles, boda bodas (motorcycles) rushing around amongst people. The rule of the road is biggest gets priority and that can mean anywhere on the road! We went to lunch at a place suggesting it is for Westerners and the taco I had, the inside was great but the "taco bowl" impossible! Ron had a chicken caesar salad that comprised of a plate of lettuce (good lettuce), some cold strips of chicken and a couple of croutons! However the drinks were great, iced coffee for me and a pineapple and coconut (pina colata) milkshake for Ron. So, basically nothing is predictable.

Home to the village. The children get to watch a movie on a Friday night and then one on a Saturday. Yesterday I put on the Sound of Music for them (my precious mum gave it to me for Christmas - bless her). Today they begged for it again! The following is a photo of approximately 25 children all piled into the TV room - there are neighbour kids and farm kids added to our children. The children are so so good, we do discipline them but there is never anything much. I watched in awe as about 8 kids crowded around my ipad and played a word game. No fighting, no thinking they all should even have a turn - just sharing together. This is so so common.

Then, I go to hang out our towels (for the second time - it rained briefly earlier so I brought it in) and next to the fence there is a little drive and then a water pipe that is leaking. Each day it has children constantly coming to get water in yellow jerry cans. Yesterday there was a group of friendly children while I was doing some digging and so I gave them each a lollipop. Once again there was so much appreciation. Then, today - they greet me with there is our friend. How humbling. I have taken their photo to show a little of the reality for people here. This is collecting water for all their needs. I asked if they have a mosquito net and the answer is no. Ron and I need to find the place in the market to buy some and then we will be giving them away lots and lots. It is hard to focus on the need without becoming overwhelmed. As the children watch the movie a couple of girls come up. They are friends of our children. Jane tells me - they are orphans, so I suspect the older girl (probably about 14) does the parenting! It is all so amazing that they are always happy.We certainly feel that we are beginning to build good relationships and are able to constantly show love. We find that it is much easier with children because they are so innocent and come from the right place. It is, and always will be with adults because they do see us as the money solution for their needs. Even there it is hard, a man working labouring all day will earn 5000 shillings - about $2.30. So we continue to pray that God will be using us, that we will use the opportunities presented and that we will always be messengers of His love.

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