Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big day

Today was a great day. It was very hot but full of good things. We are going really well with the building. The team is working very well together and the local guys are fantastic. It has taken about a bit over a week of work and there is just one more row of bricks before the ring beam! That means another house.
This is all added to by a visitor that arrived this morning. It was Juliette, a lady who if you have heard me (Anne) speak about Uganda, I will have told you about her.

She is the mother of some of the children here in the village. She has HIV and was unable to look after the children, in fact one of the siblings did not make it to the village. Last year I had the privilege of going to visit her and provide her with very small funds which meant that she could have treatment for other medical issues. Her life at that time was in continued danger, without the children coming into the village she would not have lived. When she saw me today, she was very happy to see me and grateful to be alive.

It for me was incredibly moving. It is such an honour and joy to be able to help these people and extremely humbling because so little means so much. Juliette has a baby who has malaria. Malaria is rampant at the moment in this area and quite a concern. Please enjoy the pictures.

The other highlight was that we were able to connect online via Skype with people. First of all it was with the Fooks's, and then with Anita & Stu. It was really easy - I didn't cry, but it felt really close which was good.
The hard part of today was that one of the children had to go to a burial of her father who she hasn't seen since 2007. Unfortunately, getting places takes time and she was unable to make it to the burial. We have just spent some time praying with her and a mother - that is the Ugandan way, to pray. It is such a great thing to be here, so out of our comfort zone of knowing what to do, but know God is in it all.
This is a great adventure - we will try and update with other news of the last week soon.

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  1. Its so lovely to see photos and read the updates.Great the building is coming along so fast!Love to you both.