Friday, July 12, 2013

A new season

Fun in the yard
The time has come for us to be back in Uganda. The week preceding the next adventure is always difficult. It is hard to say goodbye and the reality of what you are going to is interspersed with uncertainty and doubt of what the time will bring. However, we had a good week preparing and looked like being quite organised, though with a house construction to leave and not enough curriculum development completed it was definitely busy.
Just to keep us on our toes a 2.5 m snake just outside our house
Friday, was a wonderful full day, starting with breakfast with friends, days at work, visit to our granddaughter (and her parents) to wish her a happy first birthday and then home to have dinner provided by our great friends whose home we live in. All went well and we had a lovely time. However, late that evening my leg started to hurt a little. Next morning saw me very unwell and unable to go to do the educational and other shopping and visit my parents prior to taking them to the party. Instead I arose in time to be taken to the party and to be a participant in the party but very much from a sedentary position on the couch! And, all those people I wanted to have conversations with. It was concluded it must be malaria and so going to Uganda would help with treatment.  I missed church in the morning and managed to put the things into the suitcases, shared time with family though not very actively and off to the airport.
To cut a long story short, the flight went well despite a three hour delay on the tarmac at Dubai. My leg was hurting a lot but I managed. Car trip home wasn't great for the leg and when I arrived, I felt average and my leg hurt but we were warmly welcomed with a lovely meal. Next day to the doctor, no malaria, no typhoid just severe infection so antibiotics, operated on and now recovering. Details include horrible things like 1 litre of pus removed, night in a Ugandan hospital and dressings being changed daily with continuous improvement.

The foundations for classrooms 5 - 7
Now, for important things. The school of course survived well without us. The grounds are definitely looking much better and we look forward to having the ability to put in some playground and sports equipment. The staff have done well holding the fort. Of course there are things that it is necessary to come and add to but it is doing well.
We have been inundated with visitors (including nearly 20 to the hospital) and it has been lovely to catch up with people. Even going to church there is a change in attitude of people, we are their friends, not just ring-ins for a time. We love it.
Waiswa Emma teaching dancing and singing
Just so that this does not go on for too long but does update people here are some of the highlights so far. The foundation for the next four classrooms is happening as shown in the picture. The children are happy and learning well. We are seeing opportunities for the things that we want to happen, to happen. We are not as flat out and so able to make sure that we are on top of things. We get to host the Hopebuilders team here this afternoon.


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