Sunday, August 21, 2011


Day two: God is good. It has been a great day full of God's goodness to us. We really enjoyed going to a Vineyard church in Canterbury. We had planned this part of the holiday with going to a Vineyard church in mind. It was so nice, it felt like being at home without the people we know! A great service, we even understood everything! A really good sermon on Ephesians 5 and God's love for us and our response to what He has done for us. It was so refreshing for us, even met a lovely lady in the break and she asked if she could pray for us! It was very special, though there were quite a number of times when some actions needed to be suppressed, like saying 'Amen', or dancing or clapping at the end of prayer or...
Then, another visit to a supermarket - never thought these things would be so novel! Cornish pasties for lunch, quick visit to a couple of other shops to get a phone card and internet. Interesting conversation with the lady in the shop who would love to do what we are doing if she could afford to, so genuinely interested. Then, a lovely drive through some beautiful countryside. Saw the magnificent Dover Castle from the outside and went for a great walk at "the white cliffs of Dover". I will include a picture of Exmoor ponies, especially for my mum. The ferries going between England and France were very busy and it was amazing to look down on this little city.
More pleasant driving and a stop at Sandwich, a really quaint English town, saw (from a distance) where the British Open was played and searched in vain for a nice open cafe for a cup of tea. On to Ramsgate, a very different place on the water. It was much more touristy and in many ways more Australian with much more open spaces and types of houses. A nice drink and nachos on the waterfront. Then, on back to the hotel. A lovely relaxing day, full of knowing love, being loved and loving seeing so many different things of beauty.

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