Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh dear

Hi all who follow this and who have thought maybe I had lost interest. Actually, there is good reason. For the last two weeks prior to this week, I have not had a lot of access to my computer because great work has been accomplished by visitors here. Hank and Louise have been staying and needed a computer a lot of the time and then being busy the other times it was just too hard.

Let me start by telling you a story about the stuff that has involved them. Louise came as a nurse who is an experienced midwife but they had some time in Aceh where she was involved in a medical clinic. She had the task of looking at the medical needs of the village and seeing what would unfold in the way of maybe a medical centre. At this stage that is not on the cards but great work was accomplished. Through Louise meeting with many people including Women of Hope, the associated HIV positive group and other contacts etc. a group has been formed to develop work in the area of Village Health Teams. These have existed to some extent but have faded out and with the cost and distance of medical assistance could provide valuable primary health care. It has been a big learning process for me. I have seen a person with a purpose and determination accomplish so much in a short two week period. [A bit of a challenge to me with the thought of education and the enormous needs in our community.] God has worked significantly in it. One particular example is that one day I was walking out of the gate and a car went past, the driver waved. I waved back, not sure who it was. He then reversed and spoke to me. I recognised him but had no idea who he was. It turned out he was the LCV (LC five) which is pretty high up in the governmental system here. LCI is the lowest and then after LCV I think it goes to the parliament. Anyway, I had met him when he spoke to the Women of Hope to drum up votes. So, I invited him to meet Louise, an offer he took up and so we met with him and the meeting with other people ensued. He was very directive of the health workers and is prepared to speak on the community's behalf to the Director of Health etc. Seems like with the help of a great YWAMer in Fred who is involved in community development training in Rwanda and Tanzania that things are on the move. The benefit will be training for one or more of our people (mother or other) in the village in basic health needs. Then, the benefit to the wider community will mean that there is a first point of call. Each health worker has about 20 households that they keep an eye on. So, please pray for this venture. I know I could not have arranged such a meeting so what does God want from this. I have also told the LCV I would like to meet him to talk about education!
Hank is a much quieter personality and just potters around investigating. He has a speciality in irrigation. Well, he might be quiet but he found a leak in our pipes and has fixed it. We can even have water in the admin centre when others are using water! And, the water costs will be reduced. Thank you Hank. He also investigated water needs and has drawn up a plan for what will be happening. He and Louise have now gone on safari but Hank has changed his return ticket in order to come back here for two weeks to get all the watering stuff happening. Helps that the irrigation business at home is not under pressure due to rain and we are coming into dry season.
So, you can see that God is bringing people here with different skills and abilities to help us and the community. Sometimes I am prone to feel like I have not achieved that much. Ron definitely has with continual movement with the building and the Suubi House (our new home and more significantly the guest house). Things are not stationary. That is not to say that I feel like I have been useless just not productive in a way that I like to be and am used to being. However, I have learnt a lot in the six months. I think I understand a lot more about the people here, how they think, many of their needs and I am becoming more bold in being directive in ways to improve things without taking away from who they are. However, before that ramble the point I was going to make was that I can see that God has used us to help many people often by bringing others here or by being the distribution centre that passes on gifts from people to people in need here. So, now the challenge is to see what God wants me to do in the education area, how to facilitate change where necessary, to develop people's skills and to seek God for ways for education in a country that cannot afford traditional education. Again, please pray for direction and creativity because I know these are needed.


  1. How exciting! Great to hear what is happening there. I think hank is one of many who go there and want to stay or go back again!

  2. What an exciting post. You are both in our thoughts a lot but getting 'pen'to 'paper' regularly is a bit harder!

  3. Understand completely Jane, being in thoughts and prayers is more important.

  4. As someone who lived in the village and alongside Ron and Anne for a few months I can say that I personally saw Anne accomplish so much. Just because something may not be built up, like a house or a support group, does not mean you have not accomplished soo much over there! All your work with Hope community highschool, the Village, the kids the mothers and all the support, help, guidance and even just friendship to the local people ( and especially local women ) you have given is a very big accomplishment Anne!!
    Keep up the great work, you and Ron are always doing great things.

  5. Anne - God's purpose in having you (and Ron) at the Village of Hope at this very moment is not by accident or even by yours or our design. As HopeBuilders we have always seen our plans and our timelines constantly change BUT the outcomes that God orchestrates through those that make themselves available for his use, are way beyond what we can imagine. We are so thankful that you have made yourself available to God, be assured great things are happening and you are a part of ALL of them.... Love your work it just keeps getting better... Johann & Kathy